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All In at Penn State: A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion


Watch Penn State students share their honest, unscripted experiences with diversity and inclusion.

DiscussIf you would like to sponsor a dialogue around the video or what it means to be “All In,” please connect with World in Conversation Center for Public Diplomacy.


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AccomplishmentsVisit “All In” Accomplishments for an overview of successful outcomes from the initiative.

Penn Staters are taking an active role in making everyone feel welcome and safe.


Find your own way of saying that you’re “All In!”

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Are you interested in creating an All In program or event? If so, please consider these principles:

1. Promote inclusion
Inclusion is the quality of a community in which people with divergent ideas co-exist, co-create and live fully with mutual respect and dignity. As such an All In program should somehow educate participants on a plurality of perspectives and opposing views. Events meant to solely empower specific groups have a valued place at Penn State, but they do not reflect the mission of All In.

2. Encourage civil discourse
One of the primary charges of a university is to support intellectual and critical thinking about complex issues. As such, meaningful engagement across perspectives should be an enriching exploration, one that respectfully invites people to examine a topic from different views. While not required, including facilitated dialogue is an excellent way to align a program with the All In principles.

3. Challenge all perspectives
The expectation is that All In participants will be challenged to view issues from multiple perspectives. As such, there should be space for them to wrestle intellectually and personally with material that takes them out of their comfort zone. Groups charged with a focused mission are most welcome to sponsor All In programming—as long as respectfully challenging the accepted narratives and diversity of thought among their group’s members is primary to the event.

If you have more question about sponsoring a facilitated dialogue, please contact the World in Conversation Center for Public Diplomacy.

Photo projection on Old Main with the word Justice for the All In Kickoff Event

Watch the Kickoff Event Video